About Us

HindhuTaskForce is a lawful authorized non-government institution having bound to constitution. Its activities are all over the nation, and possess its own dedicative activists at all 29 states and central administration areas. With an intention to precise the anti-campaign piloted by western philosophers who are concealing actual facts of Hindu religion and to uphold the social values and equalities which was prevailing during Vedic era and to correct the printed texts which conceals the original Vedic social statuses, family arrangements and converts the professional based Hindu society into a caste based society by and also working in a manner so as to get correct the unbalancing social circumstance.

The term Hindhu means nothing but an elegance of lifestyle, a taste of livelihood, a nature of class of society. But few Muslim emperors and subsequent reign of British and also few anti-vested interests existed in Hindhu society as well concealed the basic values involved in dharma and portrayed Hinduism as a caste based religion which resulted in significant drawback of the society. This demanded collusion among the categories of the society and struggle to strive for equality. In fact the Hindhu society retains a infrastructural system where society works on classification based on professions. But during further gearshifts as explained earlier it broke into a caste based society merely due to political appetite.

Our HindhuTaskForce is working in a manner keeping in view and with an intention and anticipation of rectifying the existing drawbacks in the society and restore the original values of the Hindu society. We receive and welcome guidelines, suggestions and participation as well by anyone from Hindhu society.



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